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Pater Noster, Hamneskär

Wherever you are on Tjörn the sea is at hand. Fishing and freighting are standard procedure. The people of Tjörn are very aware of the fantastic possibilities the sea has to offer and are equally aware of the need to protect it against pollution and over fertilisation.

This is one reason why certain coastal areas and much of the water surrounding Tjörn are included in the "Natura 2000" ecological network.

Breviks kile, Härön, the archipelago of Pater Noster, Stigfjorden, Toftenäs and Säby kile are all classed as valued conservation areas according to an EU-directive.

The sea as a place of work

Tjörn is one of Sweden's most prominent shipping and fish produce municipalities. Trawlers work with modern day fishing technology. The major international freighting companies, harbours and shipyards together employ almost 1200 people. Skärhamn is Sweden's third largest home port for the merchant fleet. And Vallhamn is the third largest deep water harbour in the country, catering for, among other things, transocean traffic.

The sea as a playground

The sea does not only provide work but also leisure, for both locals and visitors. There a many boat places and nine guest harbours on the island, six of which are owned by the municipality and are run by associations. In addition, hosts of beautiful natural harbours all round the coast await your anchor.

There is no shortage of bathing places either, from isolated rocky areas and bays to those more suitable for children and adapted for disabled people. Summer on Tjörn is marked by bathing and sunshine and salty spray. Skagen became famous for its special light; we have it here also.

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