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Holiday island

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Kayaking in the Tjörn arcihpelago. Photo: Maria Johannessen.

During the summer, Tjörn's permanent population of 15 000 doubles. There is accommodation here to suit everybody's budget and taste, in the form of hotels, hostels, cottages, and camp sites. The temporary exchange and rental of holiday and permanent homes can be arranged through various agencies.

Tjörn's restaurants serve local fish and seafood dishes fresh from the sea, as well as menu of the day and international à la carte. Many choose a picnic of shrimp and bread from a local baker's along with freshly picked Tjörn strawberries as desert. The price of the renown Tjörn potato goes through the ceiling over the midsummer weekend celebration.
Tjörn's tourist office is located in Skärhamn. Here you can obtain good advice on accommodation, places to visit, events, good fishing spots, activities for children etc.

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