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How to fish crabs


Crab fishing rods and landing nets are availbale in the municipal centre.

Fishing crabs is simple and fun. All you need is a fishing rod, a bucket, some bait and maybe a landing net.

Where do I find the crabs?

The best place to fish is usually around the piers where the water is 0.5 to 1 meter deep. The crabs like to hide among rocks and seaweed.

What should I use as bait?

The blue mussels are the crabs favourite food. You will find the mussels among seaweed or on floating pontoons. Crack the shell with a stone and attach the bait to the fishing rod’s clothespin. (If you can't find any mussels, a piece of raw bacon or a shrimp will do.)

What do I do next?

Drop the clothespin with the bait to the bottom of the sea. Try to place it next to a stone or seaweed – that's where the biggest crabs are hiding!

What do I do when I get the crab?

Wait until the crab has a good grip on the bait. Then gently pull up the cord. If you've got a big crab a landing net can be useful. Then carefully drop the crab in a bucket with fresh seawater. If the crab has eaten all of the bait, attach a new one before you drop the clothespin back in the sea.

What do I do when I am finished fishing?

When you are finished fishing, always return the crabs to the sea at the same place where you caught them.

Good luck!


Everbody likes fishing crabs! Note the buckets for the crabs.


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